Prayers for Pastors

All weeks are full (a prayer for pastors)

Blank pageLord,
I have prayed this prayer before.
It’s Saturday evening, early, but still.
It’s Saturday night.
I have a sense of what I want to say, practically the same sense I had Tuesday, and yesterday, but the words are half-formed and in my head.
I feel better when they are printable.
Truthfully, I feel best when I can see them on the paper, with the page numbers marked in a pale blue triangle, bottom right.
The movements are in my head, but I am not ready. This week was full.
(All weeks are full.)
This week was full of time spent listening to stories, looking into people’s eyes, finding my way to new addresses, and all the while these words rattled in the back of my mind. I am doing all this for your good pleasure. One thing may be more public than the others, but each thing matters.
Help me hold onto that.
Help me to trust the Spirit, and to please you, in this busy week and all the others.