Prayers for Pastors

No color line (a prayer for pastors)

I sleep with a preacher
who didn’t sleep much last night.
It’s a familiar feeling
from the last time,
and all the other times,
times when the news holds headlines
that shake our comfortable worlds.

We need shaking, Lord.
We need it so we don’t forget.
We need it so we speak up,
remind ourselves
and tell others
that all people are
Your beloved children.

There is no color line
in Your commonwealth of Love.

I read the news this morning,
and the Times says
the young protestors
will not listen to their elders.
The paper says
there is no respect
for leadership.

Eric Thayer, New York Times
Eric Thayer, New York Times

But I wonder how much longer
we can preach non-violence
when we see the fruits,
when we see the way the strong,
the armed, the militarized,
treat the undefended.

I wonder why we wonder
when no one listens to preachers.

Give us courage
to say the things
that need to be said,
to walk the walk
that needs to be walked,
to live the lives
You call us to live.

Help us, please,
for Christ’s sake. Amen.

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