Prayers for Pastors

Where’s My Water? (a prayer for pastors)

wheres my water 2Lord,

At our house, a little boy,
bathed, fed, clothed,
plays a game on the iPad:
“Where’s My Water?”

He works to get the good
past the bad
purple slime and green goo.

I would thank you
for the blessing of an iPad
and a G-rated puzzle game
in the house of two preachers
on Saturday afternoon
and early Sunday morning.

I would thank you.

But our privilege rankles,
and our good luck,
because that’s what it is,
rubs wrong when we read the news.

Our sisters and brothers in Ohio
will get coffee in church only
if they bring a bottle of water;
the public water is toxic.

Children in Gaza go without even
the basic necessities – power and water
and safety –
while children on the other side
of the border live in fear, too.

At the borders,
on the margins,
offering a bottle of water
is a ministry to some,
a sacrilege to others.

Our sisters and brothers in Christ
prepare to preach
feeling dry,
by the health of those they love,
by a fear of speaking truth,
by a drought of confidence,
a famine of connection,
a poverty of communication.

Where’s our water?

You promise living water,
an ever-flowing stream of
justice and mercy,
waters that wash us
and name us as your own.

We like some parts
of that promise.

We forget that when the waters
close over our heads
we join Jesus in the midst of life
and death.

We are joined by the water,
across time and space.
Living Water, you are with us,
in dry times and
in dire circumstances.
Flow over us and through us.
Make us a channel
for life and water. Amen.

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