Pentecost, Prayers for Pastors

singed, unhinged (a Pentecost prayer for pastors)

we gather together
in this cyber room
a place to share

we are disciples of an age
beyond the thinking of
the first disciples

so much was beyond their thinking-

when the wind blew in
they weren’t prepared

-we are never prepared, Lord-

it’s terrifying to call for it,
Your Holy Spirit,
ready to blow us
wherever You will,
to set us on fire for You.

from all corners of the world
we wait for the wind
we wait for the flame

in Pownal and Olympia,
Anchorage and Ann Arbor,
Cleveland Heights and Grande Prairie,
Dearborn and Fort Worth,
St. Louis and St. Pete,
Aberlour and Coventry

we hang streamers
and craft banners
write prayers
and offer stories
of times Your Spirit
singed souls
and unhinged lives

will it happen this time?

we ask cautiously
but earnestly
in the hope we will understand better,
and know where you send us,
or stay where you need us.

send us dreams and visions and prophecies
and equip us to share them,
we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.