Prayers for Pastors, Weddings

Awe-filled responsibilities (a prayer for pastors in the wedding season)

Holy One,

We have some awe-filled responsibilities.
We break the bread and offer the cup.
We baptize little ones
(we are your little ones),
and not so little,
all the ones who come to pledge their hearts in Jesus’ name.
To pledge their hearts…
It is awe-full
to stand with a couple, ready to make their vows,
In front of you
and their witnesses.
They promise things
no one could fulfill
without your help,
and how can we know?
How can we know
how well they will hold
to their pledges and vows?
Karla signs the licenseWe place them in your care.
We trust you with their futures.
We give their hearts,
the emotions we hold for them,
to you.
You will be there,
better or worse,
richer or poorer,
In days of health and
when it all goes to hell.
You go to hell with us,
Faithful Parent,
Living Lord,
You go wherever we go,
to love and to cherish,
never to part.
We hope to do the same. We want; oh,we want!
It isn’t easy, so we ask,
please, please bless them.
And bless us, too, we pray. Amen.

I would love to know your thoughts.

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