Prayers for Pastors

For the ones who never tell us (a prayer for pastors)

Lord, you know how it is.

Some people come to you
with petitions thick with
words and wishes
and names;
organized –
their thoughts are

journal pageThey write out lists,
or journal paragraphs,
requests they pray you’ll fill,
for health of body
or mind or spirit,
for people they call by name.
They ask their friends,
“Please pray.”

But there are others.
They turn their minds to you
driving or walking the dogs
opening their side minds
while they watch the curb
or the changing light.

They hope you know already.

You know already.

You know about the fading patriarch,
the mom with cancer,
the young man who struggles
– o, Lord! –
he couldn’t keep up the struggle.

You know.

You know it hurts to say
the words that make it real.

(They rarely tell us.)

Without words
they give you
just a sense
of the trouble
just a fraction
of the worry
just a portion
of concern.

You take it all, willingly.
You take it all,
whether we enumerate,
or simply groan,
the love we feel.

Thank you for that.