Prayers for Pastors

Like Riding a Bike (for the preacher who is rusty)

You always hear that phrase
“just like riding a bike”
for things that once you learn them
you never unlearn them


Remember when I tried
to ride a bike
years after
I left mine
with a friend
and moved away?

The borrowed bike
was a little big
too high
for my short legs
like a pulpit
with no step

I got on

I fell off

I begged off

I never rode a bike again

This time, Lord,
I have no choice

They expect me tomorrow
to get up and speak
to say something about Jesus

I’ve had strange dreams all week

I’m in a room full of people
and I’m talking
but no one can hear me

Or I get to the church
and the service is very full
special music
and worship drama
and circus performers
so they say
we really don’t have time for a sermon

At least I have a manuscript.
At least I have a manuscript.

All preachers dream these things

I guess that means I am still a preacher

Tomorrow I’ll do my best for you
I’ll push the pedals
And hope your Spirit shows up
like a Mother in the park
running along behind
keeping her child’s bike upright
until she can do it herself