Prayers for Pastors

For pastors who feel buffeted, a prayer

Love is Real
At my last call, where we did some things right together. I miss them.

Holy One,

The way to serve you seems so plain.

Break down the barriers.
Open the table.
Share the love.

But oh!
The fault people find,
with a turn of phrase,
or a gesture of the hand,
or an inclination of the heart.

We keep trying, Lord.
We keep trying
to understand you,
to hear you,
to follow you.

Give us courage
when the way is hard,
when the words are hard,
when the faces are hard.

Give us patience
when the answers
seem so obvious,
but no one else agrees.

Give us patience
with arguments about

Especially give us patience
with arguments about … us.

Shield us from the shrapnel
of cruel words and
false accusations.

Curb the bullies.

Give us the words to say,
and the determination to hold fast,
and a community of the faithful
empowered to speak the truth
in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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