Prayers for Pastors

For the ones who get it – a prayer of thanksgiving

Holy God,

We thank you for the ones who get it.

They may be friends or colleagues,
Sisters by birth or
Sisters in the Spirit,
Mothers and daughters
(A special blessing).

They know the right thing to say
Or when to say nothing.

They know when to be serious
And when to be playful,
And when to play so hard
The ensuing laughter is medicinal.

They wait through our tears,
Provide comfort and assurance,
Hugs and Kleenex,
Earnest prayers,
And wry humor when needed.

We thank you for the spaces
We have shared
and for the chance
To witness to each other
And for connections that will grow
Deeper, wider, longer, sweeter.

We thank you for sisters.
Bless each one.
Guide us in our work for you,
We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

A round of Paper Telephone – played with my sisters

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