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Water-Maker ~ a Saturday night prayer

We consider the wonder of water – simple enough on paper, two H and one O – magical in practice, when tossed boiling into the air on a very cold day – crystalline and vaporous and dissipating.

We remember a sign worked with water – thirsty guests and a proud mother, sure the time had come – a reluctant son who solved the social crisis with jugs full of well water turned to the best wine of all.

2008 Pictures 170Water-Giver:
We need the water that quenches for now – from tap and well and bottle – handed out on the racecourse or sipped at the fountain – viewed from the back of the boat – and still we thirst for the water that quenches always.

We stand in the middle of the glad river – touched by the Spirit in handfuls and rivulets and waves – marked forever as your beloved children.

Water-Bender and Wonder-Maker:
Work wonders on us.
Transform us with the marks of joy and love.
Use us to bring water where the need is material and where the desire is desperate, pouring signs of your unending love from the containers of our lives in the name of Jesus Christ.

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