Prayers for Pastors

Be in our words: a petition for pastors

kzj's sermon notesBe in our words, Lord.

Help us find the way
to make the news good,
to untangle ancient complexities
and connect the people who listen
to the vivid stories
written long ago.

Make us pastoral where needed,
even when it pushes us to
uncomfortable edges
where being a prophet
chased out of town
sounds more

Urge us to prophecy, too,
in the places you want it,
to proclamation of a hard word
where people need stirring
even when we would prefer
to go soft and be careful;
especially then, make us
ferocious on your behalf.

We pray for our sisters and brothers
who take up this work with us.
Comfort the hurt and frustrated.
Encourage those under attack.
Inspire the downhearted and the mind-swept.

Help us to find the perfect illustration,
the illuminating gloss on the text,
the nuance of the one word that will make a difference.

Pastors and prophets,
storytellers and teachers,
we all crave your guidance.
Grant it, we pray, in Christ’s name.

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