Prayers for Pastors

Psalm of Praise for the Extra Hour

dont-forget-to-fall-back_tWe give thanks, O Lord, for the extra hour.

Those who have prepared have plans for celebrating this miracle of minutes.
Sixty minutes surely can be spent with wisdom.
We have an hour to read,
Or to cook a nice dinner,
Or to watch part of the game,
Or to take a long walk,
Or to have a needed nap.

But not all will remember.

The hour will appear in the dark of night.

Perhaps we will be scribbling madly,
Typing hurriedly,
Reading others’ sermons desperately.

Time growing short, we might despair,
Until we hear the good news proclaimed:

Turn back, O Preachers,
Turn back your clocks;
Rejoice, for the hour that was lost has been found.

I would love to know your thoughts.

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