Prayers for Pastors

The Unfamiliar Space (a prayer for preachers)

Holy One,

Sometimes you call us to an unfamiliar space.

We don’t know the rules, or how the sound system works. Will the people hear us? And if they hear us, will they listen? Make us heard, on your behalf.

We don’t know the landscape, the people and their troubles, the ways they hurt each other, or the ways they might love us. There is no paper map to guide us. Help us find the way, for your sake.

We don’t know the pulpit, if its slant will hold our manuscript at the right angle for our progressive lenses to show us what we need to see. Give us the capacity to see what is right in front of us.

Help us, dear Lord, if we feel this way when it’s the same pulpit we stand in every week and help us if it’s the same carpeted floor we pace back and forth over every time we open your Word. Help us, help us, for there will always be some weeks when the place we serve feels like unfamiliar space.