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For the Preachers working on Saturday

20131012-145700.jpgDear Lord,

Saturdays we struggle with your words and your intentions for us. We work to shape a message that challenges the complacent, or to craft a song of hope where it is badly needed. Week in and week out, no matter how much work we have already done, we consider and reconsider the words. They may be in a manuscript; we may draw images to map our direction; some simply write a few words on note cards; others have the gift of memorization. No matter the form we use, on Saturday the words travel with us as we sit on the bleachers, put in another load of laundry, attend the church fair, hurry to make a hospital call, or run into the grocery store for just a few things, really. We give up the Saturday night social life. We go to bed early unless the game is just too good.

In all this, Holy One, be with us. Work with us. Guide us. Inspire us. Give us courage to say the hard things and gentleness to say the kind ones. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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