Prayers for Pastors

For the work we do (a prayer for pastors)

Holy One,
You are the God of our lives,
From special occasions to the most ordinary days.

In our work on your behalf,
We stand witness to extraordinary moments,
Hold tiny babies to bless them,
Sit with couples planning their futures,
Rush to the hospital late at night,
Look for the right words to sum up a life.

Week in and week out,
The moments are smaller,
But just as deep.
We make visits,
Craft prayers,
Choose hymns,
Take calls,
Face anger,
Walk around the block,
Text a friend,
Get back on task,
Check Facebook,
Get back on task again,
Write the sermon brewing all through the rest of it.

Today we preach it.

In all these things,
We seek to be faithful to you,
To speak and show your Good News to the people.

Work through us, we pray,
In Christ’s name. Amen.