Friday Five

Friday Five: If it ain’t broke…

Notes appAs posted at RevGalBlogPals by yours truly:

It was a disappointing download. The new iOS 7 update took away the format I loved for the Notes app on my iPhone and iPad. I admit, these are tiny little First World problems. I will nevertheless miss the digital legal pad with the black brown font, in all its simplicity. 

In honor of the dear departed, please name five things in your life that need no improvement. 

Okay. Here goes.

1) Dixon Ticonderoga #2 soft lead pencils. They are the best pencils ever, with an eraser that lasts a long time. There is an “eco” version of them, and I know I should like it better, but nothing improves on the weight and feel of the original, lauded by Ray Bradbury in that summer reading classic, “Dandelion Wine.”

pencilsHe brought out a yellow nickel tablet. He brought out a yellow Ticonderoga pencil. He opened the tablet. He licked the pencil.

And later…

Douglas licked the yellow Ticonderoga pencil whose name he dearly loved.

Me, too.

(Not the licking.)

2) Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury.

Really. It’s a very special book. I am going to look for it at the library.

I must have made 15 pairs of socks in this pattern. Whose were these? Not sure. For a swap, I think.
I must have made 15 pairs of socks in this pattern. Whose were these? Not sure. For a swap, I think.

3) Sock knitting.

I love knitting socks. They are totally portable and satisfying. I make them for myself, and for other people. Kathrynzj has three pair in her dresser drawer. LP has uncountable pairs. I have two, at the moment, but that’s because I pad around the house in my sock feet and wear out the heels.

My favorite pattern is Monkey, which I have memorized. I will freely admit I improved upon it by adding an Eye of Partridge heel, but with that tweak, it is perfect.

4) The Princess Bride. It’s my favorite movie ever. No other movie even comes close. A better movie would be … inconceivable.

5) “Come, O Fount of Every Blessing” is one of my favorite hymns, and it was a delightful surprise to find it on Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas album. His version cannot be improved upon, in my humble opinion. Here’s a live performance, in which he encourages the audience to sing along.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: If it ain’t broke…”

  1. I, too, miss the yellow legal pad version of “notes” in iOS7. I don’t mind the white space, but I do really miss the lines. It is definitely a first world problem.
    Something I am lamenting is the absence of plain ole’ Hershey’s chocolate syrup at the phethora of self-serve yogurt shops. I much prefer it to the Ghirardelli version. Alas, another 1st world problem.

  2. Dandelion Wine! When I was a freshman in Honors English we read that short story. For some reason it inspired most of our class to start bringing dandelions into class where we laid them on the teacher’s desk. This continued for about a week. She became a tad exasperated with us, and assigned us a huge project — to create a classroom magazine filled with at least 2 examples of creative writing from each of us. We complied and published an anthology which we called “So Blows the Fuzz.” Haven’t thought of that in years!!! (1969 was the year in question!)

  3. For some inexplicable reason, I was never assigned Bradbury, and I have often thought I should pick some up and read it, but never have. This may finally push me to do so. Thanks for this prompt, Martha. So very thought-provoking. –Wendy

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