Prayers for Pastors

A prayer for those who work in the church

We cannot always get it right,
No matter how hard we try.
Sometimes when we move *this* way,
Thinking we are getting closer to you, Lord,
The church moves *that* way instead.
Sometimes just when we understand the game,
Someone else changes the rules.

And there are people…
O God! There are people
Who hang on tight to the church
But give only lip service to you.
Let us not be among them.
Keep us honest, with you,
And on your behalf.
Keep us close, close enough
To feel your love
And share it, too.

On this day, Holy One,
Work through us where you can,
And work around us where you need to.
Don’t let our flaws and foibles
Come between you and the people we serve.

When we get it wrong, forgive us.
When we get it right, we thank you.

Help us to stay out of grace’s way,
We ask in Christ’s name. Amen.