A New Call

RGBP feet header jpegIt’s a new call, but really it’s an old one. I’ve been part of RevGalBlogPals since it started in 2005, and to better serve our vision for the future, I’ll be the organization’s first Director. We have money to raise, and the ways you can help will be announced on the blog and on Facebook in the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on a new website and making plans for more in-person gatherings in addition to our Big Event cruises. I will also be available to come and preach/speak or lead programs on behalf of RevGalBlogPals.

We’ve been following the leading of the Holy Spirit ever since that day in 2005 we collected around the desire for a t-shirt. The desires in our hearts now are wider and deeper. (But you can still buy the t-shirts.) I ask for your prayers in support of this new endeavor.

3 thoughts on “A New Call”

  1. I remember that original conversation about the t-shirts! It’s exciting to see how far the RevGalBlogPals have come. And this is yet another promising step.

  2. Congratulations! I look forward to the broadening of the revgalblogpals mission.

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