Pray First, Prayer

Great Maker and Baker

Photo by Rev. Holly Smith
Meanwhile, we are making mice.

Great Maker and Baker,
You set a table wide and long enough for all people.

However we look,
wherever we live,
whoever we love,
You welcome us.

We come through the doorway of Your house and sit in the room without walls.

We feel the warm breeze of your inspiriting breath.

The light of Your stars plays around us.

Your moon glints off the water.

The music of all beauty spreads beyond Your roof, encircling the world.

We greet old friends and embrace new ones.

We thread needles, cast on, draw fresh conclusions.

We pass the salt and butter the rolls.

We share Your goodness with each other.

We give our love.

We give our thanks to the One who made us.

(Another response to a prompt from Rachel Hackenberg. Grateful for last week.)

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