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Adjustments (from Thursday afternoon)

The Coke Machine
The Coke Machine

I’m sitting in Wegman’s, a store you won’t find in Maine, in the huge area for people who want to eat food made on the premises. The WiFi is free, and the sodas comes from an automated soda fountain. Across the table, kathrynzj is working on her laptop, and I’ve been learning how to find a Word Doc in Dropbox, open it in Pages, edit it, then save it as a Word Doc again in Dropbox–all on my new iPad Mini.

I might as well be on Mars, I am so far away from Wednesday afternoons with LP and my laptop at Arabica.

A driver’s license, a library card, a new license plate, an AETNA card for the dental plan all claim I live here now. I’ve had mail from not one but two churches (Presbyterian and UCC). I’m learning the difference between the Giant, Weis and, yes, Wegmans. These are superficial adjustments, like learning how to work a ridiculously complicated remote control. (What the heck is FIOS, anyway? You kids get off my lawn.)

Even when a person is happy, a big moves means some complicated adjustments. I’ve hesitated to rhapsodize about the good parts because certain people miss each other. I’ve hesitated to whine about the ways I feel a bit displaced and disconnected because the reason I made this move is because certain people missed certain other people.

And because I believed, and still do, that God called me to it.

“…and do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10b

I am admittedly ignorant of Nehemiah. The longer sense of the passage is this: the people are hearing the word of the Lord, and they are rejoicing and weeping, because God’s love is a lot to get your head around, really, but they are reassured that it is God’s good day. Go home, eat and drink, because the Lord’s Day is not for mourning and weeping. Make arrangements to care for those in need, yes, but seriously, be less serious. Eat the fat and drink the sweet wine.

Somewhere here in South Central Pennsylvania, between the places I’ve fallen off the GPS grid and the places that now feel as familiar as home could ever feel, is God’s joy for me. I keep trying to call it a thing I’ll do, but kathrynzj points out that it’s enough to be here and be me. This bird is having Sabbath in her new nest, and it’s okay.

Believing that may be the biggest adjustment of all.

11 thoughts on “Adjustments (from Thursday afternoon)”

  1. Congratulations on happiness.

    Giant and Weis are a good start, but you won’t truly grok South Central Pennsylvania culture until you’ve found all the local Sheetz convenience stores. They are everywhere, like kudzu in Dixie.

  2. Wegmans rules, try they peach fanta or a cherry coke zero. I have moved more times than is reasonable. We started out in similar places but where we have been is up to fate and faith and the will of the lord. I find going with the unfamiliar feelings and learning the local beauty makes it more fun. There is a winery near York called naylor. They make wine from local fruit it is spectacular. Look them up for me.

  3. Welcome to the Promised Land, Martha! Wegmans AND Sheetz!!!!! We’ll get you Pennsylvanianized! Congratulations to you and kathrynzj and the boy!

  4. since both of our daughters are facing a time of transition (one graduates from college, one from high school) I so get this… change, even wanted change, can be terrifying. and wonderful. and slightly confusing.

    praying for all to ease, for life to be good — celebrating all those adjustments. 🙂

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