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I first read it in an email,
not at seminary.

What does that mean? I wondered.

A semester of “hymns and worship”
left gaps.

Watching my mentor, my pastors,
stand behind the table,
supplied imperfect knowledge.

I remember they talked about Jesus,
that night with his friends,
the way he broke the bread,
the way he shared the cup,
the way he shocked them.

What was I missing?

from the Greek–
the invocation of the Holy Spirit
to consecrate the bread and wine.

the prayer of consecration,
that’s the thing.

I fear I only bless them.

God, I say — approximately,
because I don’t use a book —
bless these ordinary things
and make them more than ordinary,
put the extra in them,
change them that we
may know your presence.
Change them that we
may be changed too.

Holy Spirit,
if I am guilty of assuming
or presuming,
not naming you,
not calling on you,
forgive me.

But how else would things be changed?
How else would we?

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