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It was a massive undertaking, but after numerous technological struggles, I have a new blog home that contains all the blog posts I have ever written for public consumption and the comments left by all you lovely people! (Well, since September 2005, anyway, when I first moved to Typepad and lost all the comments in Blogger and Haloscan. Remember those good old days?)

Someone asked, do you really want all that old stuff on the Internet? There are probably some now awkward posts, and they may eventually disappear, but my children — my young people — have told me they value the family stories, and we don’t want to lose them.

I hope you’ll change your feeds or links or whatever else you may have for me. It’s still called Reflectionary, but the address is my very own name. So welcome to marthaspong.com. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

27 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I don’t see how to take an RSS feed of this blog – the ony option seems to have new posts delivered by e-mail, which I would find far too obtrusive. Are you able to enable RSS feeds your end?


    1. I think that must be your browser, RDM, because I can’t recreate it. I tried Firefox and Chrome and even made sure to sign out of my Google account. Weird. Anyway, thanks for finding me.


  2. I’m having trouble with an old old post coming up instead of the latest. Is anyone else? I have to click on Recent Posts to get Welcome. Not sure what’s up.


    1. Jill, I was moving and re-tagging old posts. I wonder if it’s your feed reader? Hopefully by now you can see the new post at the top (since there *is* a new post today…).


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