I’m about to start my fourth cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary. I was ordained and began my first call at the very end of Year C in 2002. I’ve worked with the Advent texts faithfully every year, moving them around to accommodate special Christmas programs, grappling with vipers and threshing floors and even titling one sermon “Something About Mary.” (Well, maybe that title was just between me and…me. But it’s on the Word Document.)

I’ve worked hard to tie those Advent Wreath candle words to the established texts.

But I wear a stole each year in Advent that pictures Mary and Elizabeth, and a few years ago I realized that many church folk don’t even know the story of Luke, Chapter 1. So this year, I’m going there. We’ll have a week of Zechariah and Elizabeth (hope), and one of Mary and the angel and her visit to Elizabeth (peace-ish), and a week for reading the Magnificat (joy) and I’ll take a run at the genealogy in Matthew (love) and talk about Joseph.

We’re receiving our new hymnals in December, so we’ll introduce them on Joy Sunday, which I’ll be prepared to move off to the 18th if need be.

That’s this morning’s report from Study Leave. Next on my agenda, writing the litanies for wreath-lighting, which I will post when they’re finished, as I did last year.