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Friday Five: Scattered!

As posted by the marvelous revkjarla at RevGalBlogPals:

So, I don’t know about you, but I have had quite the scattered week.  Sometimes, life is that way, right?

In the spirit of Scattered-ness, I offer you a scattery kind of Friday Five:

1.  I lose my keys all of the time.  Even if they are in my hand, I still am looking for them.  Sigh!

What is something you chronically looking for, if anything?

Car key. It’s just one key, on a fob that has the clicker for opening the doors. It looks like this picture, and there’s also a heavy leather key chain with a metal piece that says “VOLVO” attached. It’s astonishing how often I can’t find it. 

Also my glasses.

2.  What movie are you looking forward to watching sometime in the future?  

Puss in Boots.

LP and I are both excited. We will be with a young friend the week after Christmas, and his mother is on notice that he must not see the movie until we can take him. (That is, if she reads this she’ll be on notice.)

I have a special relationship with Puss in Boots. For many years now, Shrek 2 in the background has been the solution to any unwriteable sermons. And it’s all about Pooosss…een boohts, including a highly developed mythology about Antonio Banderas arriving at the door with a completed sermon in hand. 

3.  What is one of your favorite comfort foods?  

Frosted Cinnamon Pop-Tarts. (Which is why they don’t usually live here.)

4.  Story time.  Tell us a story of one your favorite people that has touched, blessed your life.

Last year, I had to talk to someone about a life situation that surprised me. I was both overjoyed and uncertain. When I thought about who to call, the author of this Friday Five, revkjarla, came immediately to mind. I knew she would be honest with me. I knew I could trust her. But I got so much more than that. She heard my story with love, and that was truly a blessing, deepening a friendship that already meant a lot to me. I’m so grateful to know you, Karla!

5.  What do you do to focus or calm or center yourself?  

I’m one of those distractable ENFPs, so this is hard for me. The best thing I can do (when I can do it) is knit a pattern I know well, for instance a favorite sock pattern. I find using my hands is very centering. Since I missed a dose of RA meds a couple of months ago (due to a cough), I haven’t been able to knit much, and I miss it.

Walking works, too. I may start out fretful, but I get to center, eventually. That was really true with Sam, who was a great leash-walker and also easy to manage in an off-leash park. It’s not as true with Hoagie, because his style of distracted ambling is too much like my mind.

BONUS:  Share the first thing (or second thing) that comes to your mind after your read this!

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time the past couple of days trying to download the new iPhone update, but it’s done now. On with the day!

9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Scattered!”

  1. oh! now you made me cry…..I am grateful to know YOU, dear Martha, and our friendship is blessing upon blessing! and on to the sisterhood of keys. We are up to three now, in the FF. I am glad to know that the NFP thing is a contributor to my distractableness. I didn't know that. Hmm. Puss n Boots and Shrek 2 as sermon writing aids. I had NO. IDEA. Really? I am glad you have time for a shower today (lol) and now I am off to my centering time in the clay studio. love to you and LP and Hoagie and all of yous!

  2. FOFA (Find One Find All) has saved me so many times. It is a key locator system that hubby got me last year and I keep it hanging on a hook in the kitchen. I just push the number associated with my keys and and my keyring alarms. One could ask wouldn't it be easier just to hang my keys on the hook. Possibly, but it doesn't work for me. I haven't attached one to my glasses or cell phone yet…but I have considered it a few frantic days.The worst thing was when the battery died…needed to find the keys to go buy a new one.

  3. So nice to read about Karla, who brought us such a wonderful FF today! I'm an INFP, so there must be distractability with introverts, too. I need to learn more about "Puss in Boots."

  4. Dog-walking is definitely a good way to center. For me, at least, it means I focus on my time with the dog, which means letting go of my own stuff for a while. And then the neighborhood distracts (in a good way), and then a stream of consciousness begins, and no matter what, I end the walk in a much different place than where I began.

  5. yes, love the brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts. It's guilty pleasure road trip food for me, now. Because I don't let them in the house.

  6. Oh, I mourn for you on the not knitting. Even if it's just a few minutes a day…that is centering.N we share the keys thing–one day they were stuck in my mailbox and I was walking down to the refrectory unawares…and 2 young men came laughing out of the mailroom and asked if I lived at R house, then told me where my keys were. Blush. At least someone told me.

  7. I swear we share DNA somewhere along the line. Poptarts, Antonio, ENFP… Thanks for sharing and for struggling through those sermons. They bless ME regularly.

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