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Friday Five: The Things We Do For Love

As posted by yours truly at RevGalBlogPals:

I have a friend who, when she has to be away from her child, goes to the trouble of planning a present for each of the days they will be apart. (This is not one of those stories where “a friend” means the person who is telling the story.) I’m impressed by her organizational skills and her creativity and her thoughtfulness.

She does these things for love.

And although love looks different depending on how we best express it, there are definitely things we do for love. So for today’s Friday Five, please share the following five things:

1) Something you did for love that was a hit — A few years ago, the daughter of another blogger recruited me to write a series of notes to her mother, who was going on a mission trip. I was tickled to be asked, and more recently, I employed the idea for a dear one in my life who was going to be out of pocket for an extended time. I am pretty sure that effort was a hit, but the surprising thing was how much I enjoyed doing it.

2) Something you did for love that was more of a miss — Also a few years ago, I paid close attention to something LP wanted at a particular store, and went back after to get it for her and saved it for Christmas. My lead time was a little too long for that age bracket; by Christmas, it was no longer an object of desire, and she exchanged it. My crest, she was fallen.

3) Something someone did for love of you — I’ve had so many recently. Last December, Snowman gave me the Best Christmas Present Ever, when he spent his own money earned working in the conservatory library to take me to hear the Boston Pops. He thought up and executed the perfect tonic to my pre-holiday sad in a difficult year. I rode that wave of happy all through the Christmas holiday season and truly enjoyed everything else about it. (Which is to say he did that for everyone around me, too.) 

Also in the wake of last fall’s events, someone very dear gave me a token, something of hers that had been a symbol of commitment to self and new life, and I’ve been wearing it ever since. It’s a source of strength and a constant reminder of love.

4) Something you *wish* someone would do for love of you — This is pretty global, but I wish for love of me, and all the yous and mes in the world, people would listen. I wish we could all move forward, for love’s sake–for Love’s sake–and accept people as they are, as God made them. I’m not referring simply to biological fact but to spiritual truth. We’re all amazingly complicated, finite, irreplaceable beings. Having spent time with a grieving family recently, I’m more aware than ever of the shortness of this mortal life. That some people should constantly be questioned about their attachments while others sail through simply because they are straight is deeply wrong. We should know better by now. 

5) Something you’ve done for love of God — Show up at times and in places where I didn’t know if I would have the right words to say. Open my heart and mind and let go of the idea that I have to be the one to get it right. The trusting is hard for me, even when I love. But I do love, and I try. And recently God has been with me, or maybe I should say that I’ve turned toward God enough in those moments to feel God with me.

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  1. A great ff, Songbird. I feel humbled reading everyone's posts. Your own stirs me in a place that I seem to be protecting, and perhaps the stirring will lead to transformation. Thank you.

  2. I so appreciate the love you've shown me through comments on both my blogs about RA–you've helped me so much!Your words are true. I want to hold them in my heart. Thank you, SB, for this FF AND yours.

  3. loves to you! love this FF, wish I had played!1) my hit: flowers. any time. flowers. and five fostered kittens and momma to new homes–such happy people and babies!2) my miss: buying guide books to MA for my beloved for her birthday. Not romantic enough, and too practical. Appreciated, but….as you say, my crest, her fallen. 3) for the love of me: too many to list. mostly, being held in love by many in the midst of my multiple dissappointments of late. really, really special. also, a gift of ancient stained glass from the church that burned down in 1950, from a parishioner. ****love*****4) wish for the love of me: same as you, dear Songbird. 5) my love of God: in my innocent youth minister years in my twenties, we did this outward bound christian camp, where the organization that I worked for wanted to emphasize the sacrifice of Christ, and the sacrifice of animals for our lives. Really bad theology. We had to kill bunnies and eat them. Yes. I . Did. God forgives, thank goodness. sigh.

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