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Lucy’s Faith Statement

Lucy wrote this statement and shared it with the congregation today.
I believe the following things about God:
That God is the creator of the universe, the father and mother of every creature.
That God is all-knowing and all-powerful.
That despite this power, God does not act as a “Santa Claus in the Sky,” to quote my mother, rewarding the “good” people and punishing the “bad.” 
Sometimes bad things happen to good people—and when I figure out why that is, I’ll let you know.

Still, I believe that God does have a plan, and everything important happens for a reason—even things that don’t seem fair.

That God is kind and merciful; thus, I stand by the declaration of my early childhood, that God is a “big ball of love.”That God forgives with the infinite, unconditional love of a parent.
That God is ubiquitous, and lives in everyone. Within each human being, I believe, is a divine spark that may grow if one is willing to look within. God creates us so that we are all good people; it is our task to find that goodness, and to live as God would have us live.
I believe the following things about Jesus:
That while he walked on Earth, he was both fully God and fully human.
That with the power of God, he performed miracles, and even overcame death.That he was kind and merciful, like God.
That he was in touch with his divine spark, more than anyone else, because he was God. That he was human, too, and entered the world in a tangible form so that we could feel a more personal connection to God.That all the things he valued—love and forgiveness, especially—are the most important.

Because I believe these things about God and Jesus…
I will try to live my life with Christian values, as I can think of no better person to model my life after than God’s son.

I will try to live up to my potential, or my divine spark, and in doing so I hope to be more like Jesus.

I will try to always do the right thing, even knowing that if I fail, God will forgive me.I will try to maintain faith in God and Jesus, even when my life is difficult.
I have decided that for me, being a Christian is important, and I feel ready to affirm my baptismal vows.

20 thoughts on “Lucy’s Faith Statement”

  1. I hope when the day comes for my girls to be confirmed (now 3 years and almost 5 months), they are able to speak as beautifully and faithfully as Lucy does.

  2. Wow! What an awesome statement. "That God is ubiquitous, and lives in everyone. Within each human being, I believe, is a divine spark that may grow if one is willing to look within." This line is a keeper.

    1. Oh, funny that you saw this! It’s from last year. I was looking for it to give the rubric to this year’s Confirmation Class, found a typo, and corrected it. 🙂

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