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Pieces of Bryce

I keep a basket of stones at church, with big and small rocks, some souvenirs of trips and others just those smooth white stones you can buy in a bag at the craft store. I find lots of reasons to use the whole collection, and every now and then I give rocks away, if it feels right. I just make sure to tuck away the ones I want to keep.

For years I’ve guarded two pink stones, rough and porous, picked up on a trip to Bryce Canyon ten years ago. It was another person’s favorite place on the planet, and the pressure to love it and find it wondrous was immeasurable. I kept the stones as a gesture of respect for the memory of another’s delight, as a concrete expression of my commitment to another person’s limited joy.

Today I gave away stones to the children, as we talked about Peter being the rock on which Christ will build his church. We used a Sharpie to draw a cross on each one.

And today I gave away the pieces of Bryce, letting the children choose them from the basket of stones, letting them bring a new delight, an expression of my commitment to a different joy.

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  1. I think Jo(e) has it right.I cleaned out my recipe box yesterday. It contained some of the same kinds of memories, and it was healing to let them go as well.Love to you.

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