No Longer Would-Be

One of the labels I’ve used for myself in recent years is “would-be poet.” I wrote poetry for myself and for my blog and for bulletin covers. But recently I’ve sent some poems farther out into the world.

Last week I submitted a poem about Pentecost to the Theological Poetry Slam at Two Friars and a Fool. Making the video was hilariously challenging, as the cat meowed, the dog wagged his tail so hard against the french doors he was creating percussion, and when LP finally took him outside, she jumped up to look in the window and became part of the presentation.

In Someone’s Arms from Two Friars and a Fool on Vimeo.

The Two Friars and the Fool gave me a pretty high rating, and I am appreciative.

I also sent three poems to NuWine Press, and they have been included in a newly-published collection called RAW: a Poetic Journey–Finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation. It’s available at Amazon; I’ve just ordered a copy, so I haven’t actually seen the poems in print yet. Last night in New York there was a launch party. I wish I could have been there.

About the book (from NuWine’s website):

These writings were gathered from submissions to the “This is My Story” poetry contest which invited people of all races, denominations, and sexual orientations to share their faith. 
To our surprise, we were entrusted with very intimate, vulnerable writings from diverse individuals living all around the world. They are young people, retirees, pastors and city workers, straight and gay _ all at various stages along a journey toward self acceptance. The authors take us from abuse to reconciliation, rejection to faith, and every emotion along the way. We thank each of them for daring to share these RAW contributions.

5 thoughts on “No Longer Would-Be”

  1. No longer "would-be" indeed. You are an astonishing poet. So beautiful.Thank you dear one. It's wonderful to have this virtual-incarnational experience of you.

  2. …and THIS poet feels like I need to scramble to catch up with the poetic fiery blaze of glory you happen to be! (Too busy working on my ordination paper right now, but you do inspire me to return to poetry when I can make the time!)

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