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A Perfect Analogy

In the midst of a shift of medications for RA, I have a side effect that I haven’t had since the summer of 2008, and last night I was telling my friend the Vicar of Hogsmeade that I remembered writing a blog post about it. The  analogy I used made her laugh right out loud, which was good medicine for me, and if you know her, you can surely hear it in your mind right now.

Then this morning, I got a new comment on that very old blog post, deeming it “a perfect analogy,” so I decided to reprint it here. It’s from a different time in the family history, of course, but it’s part of who I am.

So…from July 1, 2008, I give you “Scorching Ray.”

Today I took the third dose of methotrexate to treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
I guess there are a number of ways it’s dosed, but I’m taking one dose per week, 7 little salmon colored pills, all at once, with food. They’re little, and they’re easy enough to swallow, not like the big fish oil capsules and lysine tablets I’m taking, too.
They’re little, and they’re easy to swallow, and they represent hope, hope that I will feel better soon, that I will avoid deformities, that I will be “myself” again, at least approximately.
They also come with possible side effects: mouth sores (that’s what the Lysine helps prevent, for the most part so far I’ve just had prickling, except when I eat something spicy, which is easy enough to stop doing, so I have), thinning hair (not so far, and fortunately I have a lot of hair) and nausea.
Nausea is not my best event. I have a morbid fear of vomiting. So I wondered what would happen on the day after taking the medicine, which was predicted to be the worst day.
And I got an unpleasant feeling in my stomach, but it wasn’t the sort of queasy I expected. At dinner last night, our first meal with #1 Son since he returned from an out-of-town job, I tried to explain it.
I turned to that great source of metaphors, Dungeons and Dragons, casting my mind back to the day when I was Trillium Giantsbane, a 5th level Druid with a full complement of fascinating spells.
“I think it’s like Fireball,” I said, “sort of a feeling of hot metal in my stomach.”
“Fireball is more of a dispersal spell that affects a general area,” #1 Son said.
“Well, I don’t know what else to call it,” I said.
“It sounds more like Scorching Ray,” my son told me helpfully.
THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!
I guess the real question is, is there a Saving Throw against it?
And if so, can I make it?
I later learned there is no saving throw against Scorching Ray; you just have to hope your opponent will miss. So I wait, hoping I will get used to the dose of methotrexate again, and that one of these weeks, this side effect will miss. 

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  1. That *was* a good analogy. Thank you for reminding me of it. I kind of wish I had a generator that I could click that would just randomly toss me somewhere back in any friend's archives.I hope you get accustomed again to the methotrexate soon.

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