Friday Five, Snow

Friday Five: Quick Pick Edition

As posted by kathrynzj at RevGalBlogPals:

We’re in the midst of ‘it’ and I’m hoping that it is not just me who is starting to get a bit overwhelmed.

So for today I am asking for five quick picks of things that are good in your life. 

And as a bonus, 1 pick for a thing you could do without.

I can do that!

Five Good Things:

1) Coffee filters purchased yesterday, which means I’m about to drink a great cup of coffee despite being home due to snow.

2) A working furnace, because even though it’s April 1, it’s 32 degrees outside and snowing.

3) Two snow shovels, both of them accessible. One of them spent a good bit of the winter under a bank of snow.

4) A day to work at home, both on my sermon and finishing my reading for our church book group tomorrow, all made possible by snow.

5) Warm boots to wear when I go out to walk Hoagie, because have you heard it’s snowing?

One Thing I Could Do Without:

Um. I think you can guess.

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