Friday Five

Friday Five: Spring Ahead Edition

As posted by Jan at RevGalBlogPals (and for those who read all my complaints about Daylight Savings hangover on other forms of social media, I promise I’m done with that):

Whether we liked it or not, we all “sprang forward” with the change to daylight savings time in the USA this past Sunday. There is lightness and brightness slipping in as spring approaches, so let us consider what is springing forth in our lives right now.

Name 5 things that are springing forth, possibly including :

  • what you hope for – That the people I love will get to live into the things they love with the people they love (or will come to love). I include my children, my friends, my church folk and even myself. I’ve had a season of loss, but that is not the whole story. My hope is passionate and determined. I’m ready to do what God calls me to do, although I know in most cases all I can do is get out of the way and let grace work, sometimes imperceptibly and other times as the Holy Two-By-Four of Love. 
  • what you dread – The fear and anger that seem to run the world, making people selfish when they should be sacrificial, narcissistic where they should be noble, headstrong where they should be healing. 
  • what you observe – Spring, thankfully. So much snow melted today! I see shoots coming up in the garden! (Maybe their color is a little anemic, but there’s hope!)
  • what is concrete – Love for the new man in my life, who happens to be an old dog. His presence is a ministry. Our many little walks are good for my head and my heart.
  • what is intangible – Amazing, loving connections — every year I find new ones through ministry and through this blogging/social media life, but I’m aware right now of old ones growing deeper, especially. I’m blessed. 

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  1. Knowing how difficult this fall and winter have been, I am so thankful for the signs of spring and of forward motion that you see in your life!

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