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A Hoagie

The young lady at the vet check-out exclaimed, “You have a very nice dog!”

Hoagie spent the day there having his old man dog teeth cleaned (one minor extraction, a tooth that pretty much fell out).

As I write this, he is dopily walking around the kitchen, wondering why I have closed him into one small room when he usually has the run of the house. Well, Sport, when your legs are quivering under you, the stairs are a hazard.

Good thing you have a Dog Mama to look after you.

Here’s our favorite quote from his discharge instructions:

“When a Hoagie returns home, excitement will cause Hoagie to eat and drink excessively.”

Next best line:

“Feed Hoagie its regular diet.”

I have to leave Hoagie to go to a Church Council meeting. His bed is beside the dishwasher, and he’s looking at it as if it were some strange animal. I hope he’ll settle down.

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  1. Poor Hoagie! He'll feel much better in the morning … and I'm sure he'll just sleep the time away while you're at your meeting.

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