We have the strangest ads running on local channels now, for one of the two major grocery store chains in the area, in which a group of women talk about why they are such loyal customers. They look fairly ordinary, not Stepford-like in their appearance, but the expressions on their faces as they rhapsodize about the regularly low grocery prices are excessively contented.

I want to know what the point is. Do they think *I* think if I shop there (which I do and have done for 20+ years) I will achieve this apparent nirvana of shopping?

If anything it makes me want to stay away.

But Snowman is coming home for Spring Break. After two months of only girls in the house, I need to lay in some young man groceries. Not only that, we’re running out of toilet paper, and I can’t bring myself  to buy it at Whole Foods. Too rough, and too expensive!

So if you see me looking blissed out tomorrow, you’ll know why. It’s the everyday low prices.

4 thoughts on “Shopping”

  1. We have 2 grocery stores to shop at – Hannafords and Market Basket. Hannafords is the more expensive one here, but they do have more extensive selections on many products. We mostly go to MB though because the prices are better, and so are their meats.

  2. Heh. That ad is creepy, though I can't put my finger on why. Best of luck with the shopping, though!

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