New Normal

Time pushed ahead,

we wake in the dark,

hurry to ready,
drink coffee
and chai
in the car,
a mother and
a most-grown girl,
dog in the back,
a new old normal.
All day 
I count the hours
when it really is now.
But when a dog
is hungry at 
what would 
have been early,
I give in to the new.
The sun just 
above setting
I glance up at 
surprising light
on the yellow walls
of the school 
three blocks away.
How have I
never noticed 
you can see it from here?
Eyes open
to new light, 
I watch the dark
come over the trees,
remind myself 
it’s time to stop 
counting hours
from the past,
to live into the
new normal.

7 thoughts on “New Normal”

  1. Perfect description of my experience with daylight saving too. Cats NOT HAPPY with meal time. Counting hours differently.Thank you for sharing this beautiful poetry!

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