Area Mom

Area Mom

Today I:

  • couldn’t remember the safe place I put the big rolling suitcase
  • was humbled when LP found it under her dresser, which was the safe place I chose
  • packed the big suitcase
  • laid out my clothes for the plane
  • bought a case of dog food for Hoagie
  • delivered Hoagie and about 12 pounds of dog food to Big Dog Camp
  • felt a bit overwhelmed at how proud of and attached to him I am after only ten days
  • bid LP farewell
  • bought a white cardigan
  • also possibly something else
  • could not find the smaller wallet I like to carry on trips
  • did not buy a new wallet
  • came home and unpacked a few things and put in new/other ones
  • changed my mind about what to wear on the plane
  • changed it back again
  • changed it back again again
  • decided not to carry the red backpack after all
  • failed to find that little pill carrier thing; did I leave it at your house? is it hiding with the smaller wallet?
  • worried about the weather–you could insert that in between each line above
  • talked to friends on the phone about the weather–times about six or seven, plus Facebook
  • left instructions for care of the cat
  • decided to drive to the airport and park in the garage
  • wondered how I can possibly both relax enough to sleep *and* wake up in the middle of the night?
Still left to do:
  • re-pack my carry-on
  • talk to a few more friends, who I’ll probably see tomorrow, but who can help it?
  • make sure all the important forms of ID and pieces of paper and plastic are in my too-big wallet or my purse
May well happen:
  • realizing it’s not big enough to also hold various medications in their original bottles
  • reverting to the backpack?
  • freaking out for no reason again
Hat tip to my boys, who once showed me this. I’ll be back next week.

9 thoughts on “Area Mom”

  1. FWIW I carry a separate pouch/bag with meds because mine don't fit in that 1 quart bag. I just plop it in the bin and say "and these are my meds." LOVE the rolly LL Bean bags (mine is black). And lastly, I hope you are rested, refreshed and renewed. Safe journeys!

  2. Have a wonderful trip. All will be well. . . .but you're not alone in your pre-trip "frenzies" as they're known around here.

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