Epiphany 7A, Liturgy, Revised Songbird Version

Liturgy for an odd week

It’s the Seventh Sunday of Epiphany, Year A, this week. We haven’t had one of these in 20 years, because it’s rare for Easter to be so late and Epiphany to be so long. Resources are sparse. (Even the wonderful Vanderbilt site has exactly one art example!) So I’m working up my own. Here’s an attempt at turning a sliver of Psalm 119, verses 33-40 to be precise, into a Call to Worship. Your critique welcome. My goal when I’m turning Psalms into Calls is to retain something of the rhythm of a Psalm but also get the ideas into words that have some actual meaning for 21st century English-speakers.

So, here goes.

Leader: Teach us, O Lord, your law of love, and we will observe your way to the end of our lives.
People: Help us to understand; then we will keep your law and observe it with our whole hearts.
Leader: Lead us in the path of your commandments.
People: We will find delight in following you.
Leader: Turn our hearts to your way, not to selfishness or gain.
People: Turn our eyes away from unimportant things; give us life in your way.
Leader: Assure us of your promises, given to all who hold you in respect and awe.
People: Our hearts want to follow you. Your good rules for our lives will bring us back into relationship with you and with each other. 
Leader: Through God’s goodness and love, we will find new life.

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