All the Single Ladies, Poetry

change embossed name

a wallet full of little cards
requires renovation
each one to be replaced

“change embossed name”

that was the command
on the bank computer
telling the system

–telling the world–

the new reality
but after two weeks
when no card came

“change embossed name”

I went back to the bank
to ask what had happened
and where it could be

the first card of many

some are printed but
most are hard plastic,
cold, some embossed

“change embossed name”

it sounds so easy
so clear and yet
there was another rule,

another commandment
to follow, to fulfill,
on the drop-down menu:

“reissue card”

it’s not enough to type
a name in a box; you
must make a new card.

8 thoughts on “change embossed name”

  1. And another optionto those who would fold,spindle, or worsethis fine name you declare anew:Tell the computersand the system-keepers, "You're not the em-boss of ME!"

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