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Best laid plans, or how snow messed with me

Two things have messed with my adherence to the plan laid out for me in physical therapy.

1) Snow. When I spend half an hour or more working up a sweat shoveling snow, and thereby also using my bad shoulder a lot, I am not going to get on the elliptical.
2) Snow. When I wipe out on the steps leaving my office, I am compelled to rest the shoulder I jam by putting my arm out to break my fall. 
I am very, very lucky that I jammed and did not tear, sprain or break. But it’s frustrating to be thrown off my rhythm. I’m up to about 20 minutes on the elliptical. I’m aiming for 30, though that all depends on how my ankle responds to the increased time. I have added two more stretches, for a total of eight, each of which I hold for a minute. The next thing I might do is add another set of stretches in the evening. 
I hate to write about this stuff, because in my blogging years, there have been many commitments to one program or another, and then a sense of failure when there are interruptions or diversions from the course I’ve laid out for myself. It’s not like blogging actually makes me accountable, but more importantly it doesn’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong. So this is just a check-in, not a pledge. I’m following the instructions, and I think the PT is a great resource. 

5 thoughts on “Best laid plans, or how snow messed with me”

  1. I just saw the news with the "Holy cripes" amount of snow!!! Good-Ness – that you didn't fall every 10 minutes is amazing! And no demerits for past fits and starts with exercise. We all do that. We do our best. I could not imagine my mother on an elliptical when she was 30!

  2. I started to comment and it turned into a blog post of my own. Suffice it here to say: I think a long term look at any blog that pretends to honesty is a look at an up and down chart over the years and months. (forgive the metaphor, I've been looking at Powerpoints). Like the sea, we ebb and flow. The picture that is made by those movements is the story of our lives. No one expects you to be perfect at anything (except maybe you). (SB)

  3. As a physical therapist, I'm pretty sure that your pt would look at the snow shoveling as substitute activity. As your pt post says, you need to use your energy wisely.As far as adherence to programs:Things change.Life changes.Circumstances change.Therefore, programs must change on a regular basis.In fact, any exercise program should be changed around every 8-12 weeks or so because:The body adapts and needs change.Different muscle groups and joint directions need attention.Things change…..Am so sorry about your jammed shoulder!

  4. please be gentle with yourself. Listen to the wise comments I read here. I enjoy your blog very much, and hold you in the light as you build strength.

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