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What to keep

To those who have already put me in a feed reader at this address, I apologize! You will be seeing a lot of posts moved one at a time. LP and I had a big discussion about what to keep and what to discard, topically, and I’m taking it one post at a time.

Though not one *day* at a time, because the goal is to get OFF Typepad as soon as possible! Blogger, however, doesn’t like it and is demanding word verification on each “new” old post I move.

I’m moving sermons, or most of them, and lectionary reflections, and I suspect I will move dog stories and children stories and so forth. But there are seven years worth of posts on two blogs (and a period when I wrote on both of them), and I think I will run out of steam and be less fully inclusive as I move backward in time.

Anyway, thanks for your patience. (And if you’re impatient, feel free to ignore me until the move is over.)

5 thoughts on “What to keep”

  1. Welcome to your new home — the beauty is that you are free to decorate it with as little or as much of the old stuff as you want!

  2. Moving is never fun, regardless of what to where. Wish we could make it easier, but we'll be right here, cheering you along. xoxo

  3. A traumatic thought to move like that, but I think I have found the new you, though I may have lost the old one in the process. Happy Blogging

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