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Only at my house

LP missed church today, staying over at her dad's while nursing a sore throat. I had a plan to bring a doll in to use as a prop while discussing Baptism during the Children's Message, so I went into her room this morning and chose, from among the many possibilities, her MyTwinn doll. All the dollies were dressed for bed, but her MyTwinn had on a gown that could have passed for a christening robe, so she got the privilege of traveling to church.

During the service, I gathered the children around the font, let them see and touch the water, explained the sorts of questions that the pastor asks at a Baptism, then showed them about how much water I would put in my hand. I explained, by showing them with the doll, what I would do and say.

I told the adults I hoped no one would report to the authorities that I had baptized a doll.

On the way home, I called LP and explained that I had borrowed a doll, and which doll it was, and she replied, "That doll has already been baptized."


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