Psalms, Revised Songbird Version

Psalm 29, Take Two

Psalm 29 (Revised Songbird Version) — This will be our Call to Worship on Sunday.


Leader: Put it into words, you angels: our Lord is a God of glory and strength.

People: Put it into words; speak out loud the glory of God's name!

Leader: Worship our Lord in the irresistible wonder of holiness.

People: When we hear the waves crash, we hear God.

Leader: God’s voice speaks stateliness and wildness, too.

People: God's voice breaks mighty trees the way we snap twigs under our feet.

Leader: God’s voice moves all creation, the land and the creatures and the people.

People: When we see flames, they remind us of God's power.

Leader: When we feel an earthquake, we get a taste of God's strength. Put it into words!

People: Glory! Glory!!

Leader: Whatever happens, flood or fire, earthquake or windstorm, God will be with us.

All: God will help us, whatever comes. God will help us and give us peace.


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  1. I love how you have posted about this text all week, and this Call to Worship is wondrously wondrous!

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