A Sunday Off

Sabbath for pastors is weird. We work on Sundays. It's our job to make worship happen, or education, or some combination of the two, depending on our specific calls. We break the bread and pour the cup.

We work on Sundays.

I have colleagues who make it a point to worship at another church while on vacation. I like that idea. It gives a pastor a chance to see how others do things, and it provides the opportunity to simply worship. 

But I almost never do it.

Glee Those four Sundays a year or so, I really need a pajama day.

So today, I took one.

I watched videos with Snowman and LP — including Glee!

I did some knitting. We got a pizza for dinner.

I had a day of rest. 

(But I did pray first.)

4 thoughts on “A Sunday Off”

  1. I almost always take pajama days, too…although I have gone to church a lot more than I anticipated I would given all the time off I have had – particularly going when I was NOT scheduled to supply 🙂
    Anyway, I fully support pajama days, movies, pizza, and family. And, of course, prayer.

  2. oh yahoo! i’m so glad to hear you say that! i don’t go visiting when i’m on vacay… i like pajama days too! in fact i had one too… ate a big breakfast at the hotel, and then hit a bookstore in the city.

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