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Snacks on a Train

LP and I are on a Girls' Getaway. We left the boys at home, where they are joking about having something called a Rager.

(They'd better be joking.)

We're reading and watching DVDs on my laptop. The train left a little late due to the major weather yesterday, but we should make our connections just fine later.

Thanks be to Amtrak, for snacks and electrical outlets and transportation to the places we want to go!

Snacks on a Train

5 thoughts on “Snacks on a Train”

  1. Not reading carefully I read “SNAKES on a train” and thought well, that’s just a horror movie a part of which I would not want to be! Enjoy the time away.
    – a lurker from Northern Virginia

  2. that is totally the funniest snack I’ve ever seen.
    I’m going to be at the Rager. Woo hoo! What a blast!

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