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Cutting myself some slack — #reverb10, Reading, and Christmas, too.

Working on all these #reverb10 posts I have come to the conclusion that all my answers boil down to three things.

1) I Haz a Sad (or Three)

2) My kids, my friends and my church family have been awesomely supportive, and I love them.

3) Despite all the sadness, my faith feels deep and God's presence palpable.

So unless something really different comes up in the questions, I think I may be done with these prompts. 

I also want to make note that my attempts at reading actual books have been mostly in FAIL mode for the past three months, so I am wiping the slate nearly clean, keeping the poetry Mary Beth sent to me (thanks!) and starting with one new book, which I actually began reading this morning. See the sidebar for the title. I don't seem to want to read *anything* on my Kindle right now, including "The Rainbow," with which I am ending my struggle. It's as read as it will ever be. There are lots of titles on my Kindle, so I'll take another look at it after Christmas.

Lastly, LP and I made a community decision to leave the ornaments in the boxes, except for putting the folk art angel on top of the tree, which already has lights and a few candy canes. I may pick up another box of the latter to add later in the week. We've let it go so long that full decorating would knock off a lot of needles, and honestly, it feels too hard to face the emotional freight of looking at loved ornaments this year. We're grieving. They'll keep for 2011. 

Tree 001

11 thoughts on “Cutting myself some slack — #reverb10, Reading, and Christmas, too.”

  1. I think it is wonderful that the basics of your tree are sweetness and light.
    I did not even put one up this year.

  2. Yay for cutting yourself some slack, all around. I think it was so wise of the two of you to leave the ornaments in the box. You don’t need the extra grief. The simpler, barer tree can be a sign of letting go.
    Blessings on you, friend.

  3. Yes, good for you.
    (I struggle with the Reverb10 thing, too. I haz so many sadz, some great family and friends, and God? well… Those are my three answers as well.)

  4. We move “through it” the best we can and however feels best. I’m in awe of your outward strength, having no clue of your inner sadness. We all survive in so many different ways. Would love to have your strength of faith however. Mine is so wobbly.

  5. Well, I have to say, I looked at everyone doing the reverb deal, and most all of them are struggling to keep up, so I knew it would only cause me stress. Let it go. You’ve said all you need to say about 2010 in terms of what happened/what you didn’t expect/what you hope to grow/learn from. Enough already. Onward to 2011! I put a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail to you today and hope it somehow makes it way to Maine by Christmas. XOXO

  6. I have more than twenty years of family ornaments, and now that we are no longer that family, I’m not sure what to do with them. This year they stayed in the boxes. Prayers we both find our way.

  7. Oh, Jill. I’m so sorry. Blessings to you as old year becomes new. May the lights of Christmas guide your feet in a new direction.

  8. I love how you are cutting yourself some slack, and how you have been caring for yourself. I love the “community decisions” you and LP have made together; I think you are so wise and setting such a great example for her about how to deal with crisis.

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