Beautifully Different — #reverb10 day 8

Diana2 December 8 – Beautifully Different.

Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

(Author: Karen Walrond)

Beautiful. It's a word to which little girls become attuned. It sounds like princess or happily ever after. It's what you must be for both those things.

And when you're different, you're not beautiful.

(Not that being beautiful, which she surely was, worked out well for the princess in the picture, who was my age and an object of great fascination for me.)

I'm having a hard time with this prompt.

Beautifully different. 

Here's how I was different from the woman I thought was so beautiful, my mother. I was short; she was tall. My eyes were brown; hers were blue. My hands and feet were wide; hers were slender. My hair was straight; hers beautifully curly.

I have a daughter, and I believe she's beautiful, and I know it means little to her coming from me, but I can honestly say it's not that I didn't "hear" it; I really didn't hear it. I grew up feeling different, and not in a good way.

I'm missing the point here, but it's that word.


But here's a time I felt I lit somebody up. In my last interim, a church member remarked that she liked to watch me during worship, because I was always smiling. "How do you do that?" She wanted to know if I really meant it, I guess. I said, "I'm just happy being here, doing this." And the next Sunday, I paid attention to how it felt. No matter what the rest of life handed me, being in worship with a gathered body of the faithful put joy in my heart and on my face.

It still does. It still has, every Sunday of this very challenging fall of 2010. 

I don't know if this is what makes me beautifully different, but I really feel the joy in church, and I guess I am able to convey it without even realizing it. 

It's not the kind of beautiful I dreamed of being when I was a little girl. But it's a good kind, even if it's different from my expectations. I'm holding onto it.

9 thoughts on “Beautifully Different — #reverb10 day 8”

  1. I am really enjoying your return to blogging, Songbird; and this post no less than others. You move from point to point with such honesty and grace, and calmness. How do you do that, and make it look so easy? I know it isn’t, or at least I think I see that you are working hard — but what comes through is tranquil and lovely.

  2. I’m wrasslin’ with this prompt. You completed it beautifully (pun, if that’s what it is, intended).

  3. From the photos you’ve shown, I think your daughter is beautiful, too. From everything I’ve read, I think you are as well.

  4. Ah, now that’s a great gift, to be able to express joy in that way – giving beauty away.

  5. I really struggle with this prompt, but you…you are a winner on Dancing with the Stars!

  6. I, too, have heard the comment about smiling and you hit it right on the nose with worshipping in a community of faith – being and doing – out of love for God and others. Thanks for reminding me of this.
    What is more beautiful than a smile on one’s face? And what makes any of us more beautiful than a smile?

  7. Beauty truly *is* on the inside in my eyes. I’ve seen really pretty people be really ugly… shallow…. clueless. So, I try not to equate beauty with physical appearance. You, my friend, shine from the inside out and THAT makes you stunning. So, there. :c)

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