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Community — #reverb10 day 7

December 7 – Community

Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

(Author: Cali Harris)

Oh, this is too easy. I'm finding it in North Yarmouth, in my new church family, and I dearly hope it will deepen in the coming year. 

This morning I went to pray with a dear person and that dear person's dear spouse before surgery, and the dear person's dear spouse asked, as we walked down a corridor, how *I* was doing? 



I've been skimming the surface of church community ever since I left Small Church almost four years ago. It was hard to leave them, though I understood the financial necessity and made the move myself. The size at which a church can support a full-time pastor has increased, mostly due to the expense for health insurance. They just couldn't do it, although there had been mighty efforts. I remain wistful when I think of them and how much we loved each other. 

That almost made it easier to be an interim minister, always knowing everything was temporary, loving, but not growing attached, or expecting people to be particularly attached to me.

So this is unaccustomed. And I find I like it.

And although a church is not a building, here's a picture of the sanctuary where we gather.



9 thoughts on “Community — #reverb10 day 7”

  1. A beautiful space for a beautiful congregation and their beautiful pastor. I’m glad you’re experiencing community with these new folks!

  2. What a lovely sanctuary! I love the ceilings of old New England churches – is yours a tin ceiling?

  3. Hijacking your comments….I’d love to come to Maine! My DH’s first call was to the Prestbyerian Mission at the Eastward in Leeds, Hartford and Wales way, way back in the day (1983). It would be fun to see his old stomping grounds….and meet you!

  4. Love all that beautiful wood carving. Looks like a very warm, inviting place. So glad they’ve invited you into their lives. Lucky them.

  5. What a beautiful space! The (tin?) ceiling is fantastic. I’m glad you’re finding a welcoming community there.

  6. Love the Sanctuary and so wish peace and warmth for you in this new call. I never once thought they wouldn’t envelop you in their family!

  7. I’m so glad you are making those connections and getting that kind of support. Such a precious thing. And the worship space you enjoy together is truly beautiful!

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