11 thoughts on “Let Go — #reverb10 day 5”

  1. I hope you have retained the knowledge that you are very much beloved by so many many friends…xxxx

  2. I certainly had to let go of certain things I believed about my life, which at times felt like letting go of myself.

  3. Hardship changes who you are and at the same time makes you more of who you are.
    Strength, ((Martha)), and peace, and love.

  4. “I certainly had to let go of certain things I believed about my life, which at times felt like letting go of myself.” Oh, I so understand this feeling. Not going through what you are–but understand all too well these days how letting go of things one has believed can be…so hard. ((((hugs and prayers))))

  5. You’ve certainly not let go of your sense of humor, or your essential goodness. I’m proud to know you.

  6. If it helps at all, my 2001 was like your 2010, Martha, and I remember telling a friend one day toward that end of that horrific year that during that year, I’d lost this person and that person and this place and that place and these [however-many] dreams and hopes and so many things and so many ways of feeling and thinking about things, and I had felt all year like a pumpkin with holes being carved into it–just one hole after another, until I was really wondering what was even going to be left of me, and the I realized one day: “I haven’t lost myself yet. Not really. In order for a pumpkin to become a jack-o-lantern, it *has* to have a bunch of holes carved out of it. That’s how the light gets in and shines back out.” That helped me. (And then I even lost that [boy]friend I had shared all that wisdom with, and that was the worst cut of them all that year.) It was the Year from Hell, and I never write about it–almost a decade later, I still boggle at the thought of even beginning to tell its stories– but I still hold on to what I said to him. You too have lost a lot–and all of it matters–and you are weathering so many changes, but you have not lost who you are, even if it feels like it.
    And I hope 2011 is much kinder to you. I admire your grace in handling things and your generosity i sharing so much wisdom with so many others.

  7. I want to remember that when I have to let go of things that are hard, that it’s okay to just express my letting go of them (and the frustration that it includes) as plainly as you have here.

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