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Wonder — #reverb 10 day 4

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

This morning I left the house with snow melting off the eaves. It was really just a little snow that fell in the night. The snowfall total was more impressive on my Gmail page (the theme called Tree changes with your local weather). I could hear dripping. The temperature was just above freezing, and as I drove out of Portland toward North Yarmouth, heading to our book group meeting, the sky was grey and the ground was brown, not frosty at all.

I set my iPod to shuffle through my Christmas playlist, which almost always leads to some amusing musical neighbors.

A Handel-singing soprano announces, "And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly Host praising God and saying:" "Christmas Is children who just can't go to sleep." And thus Lou Rawls completes her thought.

I pass through the center of Cumberland, where high school athletes wave Christmas wreaths to get my attention for their fundraiser. I hear a recognizable voice singing a familiar song in an unfamiliar arrangement. Oh, I think, it's James Taylor with Yo-Yo Ma, and that's a Beatles song. And just as I put all the pieces together, the sun comes out to match the refrain. 

And it occurs to me that I cultivate wonder by paying attention to the details around me.

How can you experience awe or joy or love without paying attention? How can you know what's happening inside without also feeling what happens outside? 

Farmer's Market 001 When Sam was sick, he developed a little cough, and of course it terrified me, and of course it happened over a weekend. By Monday morning I was talking to a vet and hearing it was probably unrelated to the cancer, or maybe only in the sense that chemo made him prone to picking up a little something viral. But on Sunday night, long after dinner, when he tucked himself under the dining room table, I spread out on the floor with my face next to his and petted his paws. And it happened that the house was full of women, friends who came to show support and love in a challenging time, friends who let my daughter and me know we would not go through this alone. I could hear their calming voices and feel a comforting touch, a hand on my back petting me as I petted Sam. The rough wool of the Oriental rug, the soft paw of the dog, the strong hand of the friend all fix themselves in my memory creating a tapestry of gratitude and wonder that people cared so much, enough to interrupt their lives and join in mine at a time others might have preferred caring from a safe distance.

I cultivate wonder by paying attention to other people, because the Spirit of Love and Goodness acts through them, surely. 

(A friend who came from far away took this picture of Sam and me at the Farmer's Market on the weekend in question. You can see her shadow; it makes me think of the love that covered me then and continues to cover me now, truly a wonder.)

6 thoughts on “Wonder — #reverb 10 day 4”

  1. (Hugs) love the picture you paint of supportive women, sometimes only women understand x

  2. I tell my students everyday, “Pay attention. Always look at what you are doing. Notice!”

  3. I saw the little doggies that attend your manger scene, and wept for you. You are so strong and caring.

  4. And that beautiful piece of writing simply made tears well up in my eyes… Love to you.

  5. “I cultivate wonder by paying attention to the details around me.” Profound thought and great turning point in the writing.

  6. You know…when we sat on the floor under the table with you and Sam, I thought we were like Job’s friends (a worrisome precedent!) But I bet you 100 million dollars that Job’s friends were not women. therein lies the difference.
    love you so much.

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