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Moment — #reverb10 day 3

Here's the third prompt for #reverb10:

Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

Laundry bag The car pulled up in the driveway on a Tuesday afternoon in August, the summer air the kind that feels good on your skin. All summer communication failed between us. He lost one phone when things flew out of a convertible, then broke the go phone replacement. He finally had a new phone, but packed the charger deep in the trunk of a small car full of four kids' summer luggage. I held back from running to him, waited for him to get out. He unfolded himself from the crowded back seat; his face appeared over the top of the car, a broad, lopsided smile shining as he met my eye.

The words in my head were scattered: alive, home, love, happy. The kids with him didn't know me, but their goofy expressions told me they understood. My boy, so nearly dead, had lived and returned home, and no one who heard him tell the story could doubt the wonder of it. He had to learn how to hug, this one, but on that day we hugged a summer's worth, a life's long.

Then I met the others, learned their names, shook hands, got his things out of the car. He seemed to have nothing but laundry bags. He had to explain it to me. The suitcase did not survive the accident. 

(This is my worst nightmare for a writing prompt, to be assigned detail. Ugh. I am aware of emotional details and the physical things that point to them, but rarely the other way around.)

5 thoughts on “Moment — #reverb10 day 3”

  1. These are really intriguing prompts. I don’t think I could do them, but I am thinking about them.
    This one makes me realize that my life for 23 years has had the shape of a pie, divided into thirds. When one of the thirds is gone, the prospect of feeling more than 2/3 alive seems an unlikely one. I can’t seem to figure out whether it’s possible to feel fully alive at 2/3. Probably way too soon to know.
    But thank you for raising the question.

  2. (((Robin)))
    SB- wonderful moment. I just signed up for this about an hour ago, because of this prompt.

  3. A challenging assignment to be sure, and you did it well my friend. I can’t even imagine the emotion.

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