The Most Beautiful Sound

LabSitting I'm standing at the back door of a church person's house, getting ready to visit for the first time, and I hear it, the most beautiful sound: a dog is barking.

These days, every dog I meet is a therapy dog. Today's sweet girl was a 10-year-old lab mix with a sympathetic disposition.

Thank you, God, for Sophie.

5 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Sound”

  1. Once my dog Chester and I went on a “pilgrimage” walking from D.C. to Pittsburgh. I wanted to be open to conversations with people along the way (Joyce Rupp: Walk in Relaxed Manner), but Chester is an anxious dog and quite protective. That would present a challenge, especially when a young boy practicing on the trail with a high school track team suddenly left off his running and came up to Chester and started scratching his ears before I could warn him. But Chester didn’t jump back, bark, or do any of his cautioning tricks; instead, he stood patiently. I was amazed and said something to the young man: Chester is usually skittish around people he doesn’t know. Did he have a dog? The boy answered that his dog had died the week before. We talked just a bit and then he went running off. I have wondered if Chester could sense this young man’s love and grief.

  2. “Every dog I meet is a therapy dog.” What a great line! I know exactly what you mean, though. I spend so much time scratching the ears of all the resident seminary dogs, people probably think I’m some kind of dog pervert.

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